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2 Sets

-60secs Ring Pull-Up + Alternating Arm Stretch Outs

-2Mins Ring Assisted Negative Pistol Squats (alternate legs)

-30sec Hollow Hold + 30secs Alternating Toe Touches


3 Sets

1) Negative Pull-Ups- 5 reps (slower tempo than last week- aim for 6secs+)

-Rest 60secs-

2) Single Arm KB Front Rack Step Ups- 10 reps each leg

-Rest 60secs-


*Hit the same version of the negative pull-up you did last week but focus on slower tempo and add ore weight if able!

**Keep a tight kb front rack just like we worked on with squats last week….DO NOT lay it on top of you easy! Control all the step ups in a slow manner, work on your breathing with it and keep the midline as tight as possible.

**You will step up on the same leg that youre holding the kb on.


3 Sets Not For Time: (20Min Cap)

1) Reverse Sled Drag- 100M (as Heavy as possible)

2) Farmer Walk- 100M (as Heavy as possible)

3) Ring Plank Hold- 60-90secs

-Rest 1:30 to 2Mins-


*Go as heavy as you can but always try to be moving, the weight shouldnt be so difficult that you have to stop a bunch.

**On ring plank go as long as you can in the designated time with GOOD form, if you dont have the core strength or stability yet to do the rings you will do floor plank shoulder taps with a plate on your lower back (5-25lbs Max) while trying to stay as flat and stable as possible.


-1600M Run at a continuous pace NON-Stop!

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