Partner Assisted Shoulder Stretch-60secs

Partner Assisted Dead Hang Stretch- 2 Sets of 10-15secs


2 Sets

-60sec Row or Bike

-40 Straight Arm Jumping Jacks


EMOM-every 2mins for 16mins

1st Set- 100M Farmer Walk

2nd Set- 100M Slam Ball Bear Hug Walk

*Go as heavy as you can but aim to hit all sets unbroken, WALK!!! DO NOT Run…..these should be heavy, going light on this stuff does nothing! Get Strong!


4 Rounds

-5 L-Seated DB Presses (35/20) (+45/30)

-10 Floor Presses

-20 Alternating Plank DB Rows

-25/20 Cal Row OR 18/13 Cal Bike

*Goal is to use the same weight throughout all exercises, dont get sloppy and lose form….youre working on your conditioning here but also on building the muscle, no short cuts!!!


-Practice your Double Unders 10mins then roll out your Calves!


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