WARM-UP (10mins Max)

Row/Bike 2Mins

-Inch Worm + Cobra 25′

-Duck Walk 25′

-Alternating Deep Lunge 50′

-Alternating High Kicks 75′


EMOM-every 90secs for 15Mins

1st Set- 20 Alternating Db Lunges

2nd Set- 20 Russian KB Swings

*Go heavy on these exercises but stay unbroken on the reps and make sure your sticking to smooth form and technique, these are not meant to be as fast as possible!


EMOM-Every 5mins for 20mins

3Min Amrap

-300M Run (RX+ 400M Run)

-Max Wall Balls in remaining time (20/14) (RX+ 30/20)




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