For everyone that still needs to do 18.2 we will make every effort we can to help you get it in before the end of the day but you also need to try and get with someone else if we cannot!

Everyone interested in REDOING 18.2 you need to schedule with someone to judge you in your own time….all redos will be on you to get done if you weren’t happy with your score!


2 Sets

-60sec L-Seated Overhead Plate Hold

-30sec Hollow Hold/ 30sec Alternating Starfish Toe Touches

-60sec Ring Pull-Ups


4 Sets

1) Incline Bench Db Rows- 10 reps

2) Handstand Push-Ups- 5 Strict + 5 Kipping

*Rest 60secs between exercises*

*Aim to use the same weight you did on 8 reps last week for the 10 this week.

*If you were able to do strict hspu last week you will add to the skill work this week and try to go right into kipping hspu. All scales stay the same as last week, perform 10 reps of box hspu or l-seated db presses.


12Min Amrap

-5 C2B Pull-Ups (RX+ 2 Bar MU)

-5 Shoulder to Overhead (115/75) (RX+135/95)

-20 Double Unders



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