-Partner Assisted Front Rack Stretch-60secs


2 Sets

-30sec Dead hang Ring Stretch / 30secs of Ring Pull-Ups

-30 Plank Shoulder Taps

-30 Straight Arm Jumping Jacks


Strength Ladder:

Get as far as you can in the allotted time!


-1 Strict Pull-Up

-1 Strict Handstand Push-Up




…Continue adding 1 rep.


*This is not a kipping super fast conditioning wod, make transitions with as little rest as needed but make all reps tough and stick to strict fashion.  If you can add weight to pull-ups or a deficit to hspu for a large amount of reps then add it.

*Scale hspu to box hspu OR L-seated db presses.



20Min Amrap

-100M Farmer Walk (53/35)(+70/53)

-20 Push-Ups

-30 Sit Ups


*Scaling on push-up should go as follows:

-Regular Push-Ups but less reps if needed

-Push-Ups with a purple band around the hips hanging from pull-up bar

-Push-Ups from a squat rack at a height that allows full depth and no poor form






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