3 Sets

1. 200′ Overhead Plate Walk

2. 25′ Inch Worm Walk

——–> 1st Set- Regular / 2nd Set- Cobra / 3rd Set- Shoulder Taps

3. 10 Ring Pull-Ups OR 5 Regular Strict Pull-Ups



EMOM-every min for 21Mins

1st Min- 30secs Max Pull-Ups (RX+ C2B)

2nd Min- 30secs Max Hang Power Cleans (95/65) (RX+115/75)

3rd Min- 30secs Max Fat Ropes (RX+ Double Unders)

*Make sure to perform pull-ups in a safe manner, if you cannot fully control your bodyweight yet then perform small banded pull-ups or squat rack pull-ups at the same level you have been working on.

*Hang Clean Weight should be lighter and on a level that you can cycle for almost the entire 30sec if not the whole time.



4 Sets

1. Strict Push-Ups- 20 reps

2. DB 90 Degree Alternating Curls- 30 Reps total (15 each arm)

*Rest as needed and make each set as tough as possible….DO NOT RUSH!!!!

*Make the push-ups harder by going on the rings…..scale them down to either band assisted or squat rack push-ups


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