3Min Row

1Min Ankle Stretch

1Min Calf Stretch (30 on each)

1Min of Empty Back Squats


EMOM-every min for 5mins

-1 Back Squat (moderate to heavy-building sets)

EMOM-every 2mins for 10mins

-1 Back Squat (HEAVY)


***Build as heavy as you can but DO NOT miss reps or get sloppy!

***We did this last week, if you worked up to a new PR last week dont feel like you have to beat that this week….not every day is a PR. Working up to the 90%+ zone is very good.



Each Set For Time:

Every 4Mins for 16Mins

-Row For Cals (20/15) (RX+ 25/18)

-50′ DB Front Rack Lunge (35/25)(+50/35)

-Toes To Bar (10 Reps )(RX+ 15 Reps)


*The only rest time you will have is whatever is left after you complete all 3 exercises….you will go on the next 4mins regardless of timing, scale as needed to where you can get a little rest at least.


3 Sets

1. GHD Hip Extension Hold- 60secs

2. Weighted Superman Presses- 15 reps




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