3 Sets

8 Ring Pull-Ups (3sec pause at top)

8 Plank Combos (2 Plank Shoulder Taps + 1 Push-Up)

30sec Handstand Hold


15Min Rotation

1. Bench Press- 4 reps

2. Strict Pull-Ups- 4 reps

*Rest as needed between*

*Go heavier than last week on bench press and stick to the same version of the pull-up you did last week also. Make the pull-ups tougher by added weight/ slower tempo or a lower height on the squat rack bar.


For Time:

-200M Slam Ball Bear Hug Walk (60/40) (+70/50)


5 Rounds

-1 Rope Climb

-10 Slam Balls (same as walk)

-15 Strict Push-Ups


-200M Farmer Walk (53/35)(+70/53)


***Scale push-ups to the squat rack bar and work on your upper body strength. NO KNEE PUSH-UPS today or Hand Release.


3 Sets

60secs Max Reps on each / 60secs Rest between each exercise

1. Db Skullcrushers

2. Alternating DB Isometric Hold Seated Curls

*Use a weight you can go with for the entire minute without stopping.





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