2 Sets

10 Pass Thrus

10 Ring Pull-Ups

10 Negative Push-Ups

20 Plank Shoulder Taps


EMOM-every min for 30Mins

1st Min- Max Reps Bench Press (Bodyweight-75%/50%) (+Bodyweight-100%/75%)

2nd Min- Rest

3rd Min- Max Reps Strict Pull-Ups (+Weighted)

4th Min- Rest

5th Min – Max Cal Assault Bike

6th Min- Rest


*Everyones weight will be different….you can adjust up and down each round to ensure youre getting a good amount of reps and not struggling to get 1 or 2. If youre not very good on bench press be smart and go with a lighter weight you can control and stabilize well on each rep.

*Go weighted on strict pull-up if able but still in a good rep range.

MAX EFFORT STATIC HOLD WORK (after class if need be)

Staying In Order find the max time you can hit on each one, whenever you fail on an exercise go directly into the next.

1st – Max Hollow Hold

2nd – Max L-Sit Plate Hold Overhead (45/25)

3rd – Max Plank Hold

4th – Max Superman Back Extention Hold






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