-25′ Inch Worm + Cobra

-25′ Inch Worm + 2 Plank Shoulder Taps

-25′ Inch Worm + Regular Push-Ups


18min Rotation

1) DB Press Complex- 15 reps of each- No rest time in between

(L-Seated DB Press + Close Arm DB Floor Press)


2) Strict Pull-Ups-10 reps


*Try to go with weights you can control nice and slow for both movements, if you are much stronger on one of the movements you can use different DBs.

*Scale up to squat rack pull-ups with a 2sec pause chest to bar if you cannot do regular strict pull-ups. Go weighted pull-ups if able!


“The Bucky Special”

10Min Amrap

-8 Toes To Bar

-8 Alternating Db Snatches (50/35)(+70/50)


*Scale TTB to 12 V-Sit Ups

*Bucky won our monthly bonus challenge last month and one of his prizes was to be able to come up with a workout with Coach Charlie….Here it is today! Bucky has a love for video games besides working out all the time….his numbers in the wod signify the different gaming consoles that he loves!









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