Class rollout on the traps/lats


2 sets

-5 pass thrus

-10 push ups

-20 plank shoulder taps

-10 ring rows


EMOM-every min for 15mins

1st min- 8 L-Seated Arnold DB Presses

2nd min- 8 Horizontal Ring Rows

3rd min- 30sec Superman Hold

*Take your time on each rotation and press of the dbs, go slow and control the movement!


3 Rounds

4Min Amrap

-10 HSPU (RX+ Strict)

-15 Burpee Over Box  (24/20″) (RX+ 30/24″)

-Max Sit Ups in remaining time (RX+ V-Sit Ups)

*2min rest*


*Score is total sit ups

*Scale Hspu to 2 Wall Walks or Box Hspu





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