3Min Row or Bike

2Mins slow and controlled empty back squats


EMOM-every 3mins for 15mins

-8 Back Squats (find an approximate 8RM over the 5 sets)


15Min Amrap

-15 Toes To Bar

-20 Front Rack Reverse Alternating Lunges (115/80) (+135/95)


*Teams will split work however they need but must stick to the holds/work

*While one partner is going on the TTB the other person must hold a plank in order to work

*While #1 is on the lunges the other partner must hold a 90 degree wall squat hold

*If the holding partner cant continue holding in position then the working partner must stop adding up reps

*Scaled athletes go 20 Knees to Chest or 20 Leg Raises




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