-30sec Standing Wall Ball Presses

-30secs Standing Wall Ball Ovhd Hold

-30sec Hollow Hold

-30sec Alternating Starfish Toe Touches


3 Sets Each (25Min Cap)

1) Pressing DB Complex- 8 reps on each

(L-Sit Press->Lying Close Arm Press->Skullcrushers)

2) Pulling Complex- 8 reps on each

(Horizontal Ring Row->Face Pulls->Ring Bicep Curls)


*Last week of these complexes….make them all as tough as possible.

*Rest 60-90sec between each complex

*All complexes should be unbroken for all 24 reps….if you need to rest then pause in position or hang from the ring but try not to stop completely.

*Skullcrushers will have to be done with a lighter weight than the other movements….they are a much lighter exercise! Be careful!

*You can add a weight vest to the pulling complex for more difficulty too but keep reps unbroken


For Time:

5 Rounds

-10 Burpee to Bar Touch (6″ above reach)

-10 Toes To Bar

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